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Don’t Live with a Cavity

Cavities, also called dental caries, are probably the most common dental problem. Almost every adult has suffered from at least one cavity in their life. Even the most dedicated brusher and flosser can have a cavity appear in those hard-to-reach places.

Cavities are one reason why it is so important to have a dental checkup twice a year. These tiny areas of decay start off small and are almost impossible to feel or see at first. At this stage, cavities can usually only be detected by a professional exam or on a dental x-ray. However, cavities can quickly grow, eventually causing pain and potentially even tooth loss.

Most any dentist can competently fill a cavity, but Dr. Hunter makes sure to put your comfort first. He will explain the procedure in as much detail as you like and be certain that you are ready before beginning. Dr. Hunter’s goal is to be as painless as possible so that all his patients have a positive dental experience, no matter their age.

For patients who haven’t seen a dentist in a while and may have many cavities, Dr. Hunter can often fill multiple cavities in a single visit for your convenience. We also have TVs installed in the treatment rooms to take your mind off the procedure and help you relax.

If you suspect you might have a cavity or just need a cleaning and checkup, call us at (931) 451-5188 now.

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"Hey guys! I highly recommend Dr. Hunter and his team if you’re looking for a new dentist or are dissatisfied with your current one. Everyone is so friendly and easy going as well as thorough and professional. Do yourself a favor and book them for your next cleaning!"- Mary-Kate
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