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Root Canals Can be Painless

The phrase “root canal” can cause people to shudder. In fact, root canals have become cliché for their traditional association with pain and agony. The truth is that a root canal procedure, also known as a pulpectomy, is virtually painless with modern dental technology and techniques. Furthermore, a root canal can preserve your natural tooth even if that tooth is in dire shape.

When a tooth becomes severely damaged due to trauma, decay, or infection, many patients think their only option is to have it pulled. This is not always the case. Many times, a root canal can save a tooth. This procedure removes damaged inner tissue and refills the tooth. Any infection will be gone, and the results of the procedure will not be apparent to anyone except your dentist.

Many general dentists will not perform root canals and instead refer their patients to specialists. These referrals can result in lost time and increased costs for the patient. At Patrick Hunter Family Dentistry, Dr. Hunter is fully qualified to perform root canals and provide you with a valuable tooth preservation option.

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