Tooth Extractions

Sometimes a Tooth Has to Go

The image of a person with a bandage tied around their jaw may be funny in cartoons, but real tooth pain is no laughing matter. Severe dental pain can keep you from sleeping and eating, impacting your daily life. While Dr. Hunter can often save a damaged or decayed tooth with a root canal or other procedure, sometimes a tooth is in such bad shape that it simply has to go.

In such cases, there is often no need to visit an outside dental provider. Dr. Hunter has removed hundreds of troublesome teeth and has the experience to do so quickly and with minimal discomfort. He will always walk you through the procedure and make certain to provide you with aftercare instructions and support so that you heal quickly.

Tooth Extractions in Comfort

Our office is designed to be comfortable so that you can simply lay back and relax while Dr. Hunter takes care of the problem tooth. You can watch a TV installed in the treatment room ceiling and enjoy our cozy chairs. Having a tooth pulled may sound scary, but you’ll feel much better once the cause of your tooth pain is gone.

If you have a painful tooth, give us a call right away at (931) 451-5188.

What Our Patient Says

"Hey guys! I highly recommend Dr. Hunter and his team if you’re looking for a new dentist or are dissatisfied with your current one. Everyone is so friendly and easy going as well as thorough and professional. Do yourself a favor and book them for your next cleaning!"- Mary-Kate
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